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Adult supervision required at ALL times.

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Get Moving!

  • Patients can move. They do not have to keep still, or not move their heads. This means a lot for a busy toddler! Breathing treatments no longer have to interrupt playtime and your life.

RELAX Moms and Dads!

  • For the caretaker, especially parents, you no longer have to hold your child in your lap to do the breathing treatment while constantly readjusting the mask to make sure it's over your child's nose and mouth.


  • "Hate that we needed it tonight, but so thankful to have it. Thanks for creating something so brilliant!" - Kalli K.
  • "I am so loving the Easy Breathing Band It really has helped! I no longer have to hold down my Maddie girl while she screams during her breathing treatments." - Kimberly B.
  • "My four year old loves this! She was able stand up and look at a book while getting a breathing treatment and the mask stayed on her face the whole time." - Elizabeth Y.

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